Meet The Team

Our Team Leader:
Geena, Twitter: @BookwormMagick Attending: Most Events
"I'm Geena and I'm from Cheshire! I love R5, Music, Reading and the R5 FAMILY! Although this has been so much work to organise I would gladly do it again! I can't wait for the events!"
Instagram: @geenar5
Our Team:
Gee, Twitter: @R5_Oneshots

Lucy, Twitter: @LBethanR5addict

Leah, Twitter: @flawlessmarano

Emma, Twitter: @Emi_Star1
"Hiya R5 Family! I'm Emma :) I'm from Scotland and I LOVE music, my family, the R5 Family and, of course, R5! with all my heart! You Guys Rock!!! and I'm here to help in any way I can :) Love Ya's <3"

Zoe, Twitter: @ZoeAnne_R5

Amy, Twitter: @Amyrosslynch

Ella, Twitter: @OfficialR5Army

Hannah, Twitter: @R5ivers

Emma, Twitter: @Rydellynchuk
"Hi I'm Emma! I obviously love R5, the R5 family and I adore Rydel!! I also love Green Day! :) I'm here to help in any way I can and I look forward to meeting some of you!"

Gemma, Twitter: @R5_UK

Nikki, Twitter: @R5_UK

Dan, Twitter: @R5_UK

(This will be updated once all messages are in (: !)

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